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At Scott J. Beck we offer patio door hardware and patio door repair parts nationwide fast shipping for parts. What we have in stock: handles, keepers, assemblies, rollers, locks and latches.

In our store inventory now: Bug Seals, Cylinder Locks, Handles, Keepers, Latches, Mortise Locks, Roller Assemblies, Rollers, Security Bars, Handles, Roller Assemblies, Rollers, Screen Door Closers, Spline, Spring Tension Rollers, Weather Stripping..

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Send us in a picture and our company will identify and quote you on the patio hardware part that you need. We offer simple, secure ordering over the phone we take MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa. We provide window and patio door identification services nationwide, we also ship fast by USPS if your patio door or patio screen door part is in our store inventory contact today for support.

Thousands of sliding door replacement parts in stock.
HOW IT WORKS – Attractive patio door hardware gives an exemplary first impression with different patio door parts frames, glass, hinges, and locks that ensure durability, security, and a pleasant appearance.
  • Fill out a patio hardware or window hardware identification form.
  • Our team of window and patio door part identification experts will figure out what you need.
  • Receive a fast no obligation quote on your parts, with nationwide shipping available.

There are patio door locks durable to ensure homes are well protected.


Manufacturers have adopted different innovative and technological designs.


Patio door handles are crucial to the security and ease of use in patio doors.

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Patio doors consist of an outer frame and individual doorframes. Some of the patio door frame styles are: Wood; timber frames are more customary, but they can also be attractive. Hardwood such as oak can provide durable frames. However, wooden frames might contract or bulge with humidity.

Metal or alloy frames; generally made of aluminum, metal frames offer strength in a compressed form.

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